The Canadian Amyloidosis Support Network, Inc. is a not-for-profit, all volunteer organization, formed by amyloidosis patients and family members of amyloidosis patients. Our Support Network refers to our commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of patients and families.  This organization has been formed in loving memory of late Allan Sone, and the late Honourable Judge William Gilbert.

What Services Are Provided?

We operate a toll free patient support line (our toll free number).
On the internet, we operate the website. Our website offers:

   .Patient education 
 Support group listings and registration 
 Information on awareness campaigns 
 Fundraising efforts 
 Medical and physician referrals 
 Research articles for the medical community 
 Patient and family stories 
 Links to other amyloidosis support resources around the world 
 Many other important topics 

The support network can help patients, caregivers and families stay informed about survivorship concerns and quality of life issues.

All of our activities are operated entirely by unpaid volunteers. Our major source of income is from contributions made at our website, fundraisers and patient memorials. This money is used entirely to support our mission and goals including the telephone line and website.

Meet Our Board of Directors

Jodi Dewar, BA Hons, CHRM –

Jodi lives north of Toronto with her husband and youngest son. Her two other children attend Universities in Ontario. Jodi has worked as a Director of Organizational Development for an international Telecommunications Company. She also has several years experience in Human Resources and Volunteer Management and Fundraising. When her father became ill she became aware of a large void in Canada, in the area of awareness of Amyloidosis and support for Amyloidosis patients and their families. Since Jodi’s father passed away in February of 2006 with Primary Amyloidosis, she has dedicated herself toward ameliorating the experiences of others diagnosed with Amyloidosis.


Norma Gilbert –

Norma is a native Calgarian who has recently retired as a Clerk in the Court of Appeal. She was then appointed Returning Officer for Elections Alberta during the Provincial Election of 2004. Since her husband’s diagnosis of Amyloidosis November 2004, Norma has focused her compassion and devotion to learning about her husband’s illness and giving him the love, care, and encouragement he needed during their last few years together. She is now committed to supporting others who have been stricken with this “silent killer” and to increasing awareness of this disease. Family is a very important part of her life and she enjoys all of the time spent with her two step-daughters, son-in-law, and two grandchildren.


Marsha McWhinnie

Marsha has always lived in the greater Toronto area and practices part-time as a community pharmacist. A Primary Amyloidosis and Multiple Myeloma patient since diagnosis in May 2000, she has been on the receiving end of great care at Princess Margaret Hospital . Sophisticated treatment has led to a complete remission enabling Marsha to become an active member of the Toronto Myeloma Support Group that was so instrumental in her recovery. She sees the need that the Canadian Amyloidosis community has for this kind of network. Marsha has a wonderfully supportive family and she and husband Jim like to travel, often following the cross-country tours of stage manager daughter, Annie.


Les Treitz, BSc., P. Geol –

Born in Sarnia Ontario. He has lived in Calgary Alberta since 1979. He retired in August 2005 as the President of a small privately held oil and gas company. It was shortly after that, when he learned of his father-in-law’s illness and later diagnoses of amyloidosis. It is out of love, deep respect and a strong desire to honour the man he called dad for 27 years that he sits on the board of this committee. Les is a professional geologist who from 1991 to 2000 was the President of a small oil and gas company listed on the TSE. From 2000 to the present he has been the president of two private oil and gas companies. He has 15 years experience serving on the BOD of these companies, nine years as the chairman of the public company.