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Jodi Dewar

My father, Allan Sone ( Whom we lovingly referred to as MOE) was a man who loved life. We have tried to remember when my dad first experienced symptoms of AL ( Primary Amyloidosis ) My mother says in retrospect that in the year 2005, he seemed to be a little more fatigued than he had been.

He had lost some of his interest in playing tennis on a regular basis and was just slowing down a little. In August of 2005, he started to have symptoms of Carpel Tunnel and was provided a glove to help manage these. It was in October that he generally started to feel like something was not right with his body. He was having problems with constipation and also was having other uncomfortable symptoms of heart burn and a bloating in his stomach. On one visit to the emergency ward, it was noticed that there was something not right in the electrical system of the heart. It took several visits to the emergency ward and more and more severe symptoms such as swollen ankles, severe leg pain, low blood pressure, etc that finally led one team of doctors to suspect amyloidosis. It also took 3 biopsies before he tested positive. Unfortunately, by the time my dad was diagnosed, he had severe cardiomyopathy, his blood pressure average about 70/50 ,he had edema and was extremely uncomfortable due to pain. Although the wonderful team at the PMH and TGH hospitals, never gave up on my dad, he was only ever able to receive one treatment before he passed away. My father walked 5 miles a day, 7 days a week prior to this illness. We were not aware of this disease, prior to my father’s diagnosis. My father’s hope was that a cure could be found, or that he could have a little more time with his family. He is missed by all of us who loved him so dearly. In his honour, we are committed to do anything that we can to help others have a different outcome, and/or provide information and resources that can result in a quicker diagnosis and more immediate treatment. Jodi Dewar on behalf of the entire Sone Family jodi@thecasn.org

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